I have a comic book!

Right up front, I’ll be honest – this post is more dorky than it is daddy. My cover as a comic book fan was blown a long time ago. I’ve been into comics since I was a wee lad and while my tastes have changed over the years, I still very much enjoy the comicContinue reading “I have a comic book!”

Now the story of a street named Sesame, and the one magician…

Now that fatherhood has me watching more Sesame Street than ever before, I occasionally come across unexpected moments like this. Fellow “Arrested Development” fans might have been as surprised as I was to see Will Arnett pop up in an episode as Max the Magician, essentially just playing Gob Bluth, complete with a Sesame-type versionContinue reading “Now the story of a street named Sesame, and the one magician…”

Break in, Beat down

As I walked out of our house with the baby’s bag, ready to load the car like any other day, I came across something out of the ordinary. My driver side and passenger side door were open. “That’s odd,” I thought, as I loaded the baby’s bags in the backseat. That’s when something hit meContinue reading “Break in, Beat down”

My alumni magazine depresses me

Sometimes reading my alumni magazines can make me depressed. I’m just going to throw that out there. Every now and then as the mail arrives, with it comes a brightly covered publication with someone smiling on the cover, ready to tell how great they are doing, loving what they do and how their time atContinue reading “My alumni magazine depresses me”

First Father’s Day

It’s been a pretty cool first Father’s Day weekend. Yesterday, Meg and I took the little guy to a public market (sort of like a farmer’s market, but with additional things like crafts and other vendors alongside the farm stands). and since it’s held outside in the courtyard of a train station, we got toContinue reading “First Father’s Day”

How can something like this happen?

I’ve mentioned previously here and there that I work in a newsroom by day. That can have some pretty high-energy days, but can certainly have some depressing ones based on the content. This is what awaited me at my day job Wednesday. As I had to read the words of this story during a newscast,Continue reading “How can something like this happen?”

Party in the dark

During those torrential storms two weeks ago, two things happened. The first, I proved my sometimes stupidity/overconfidence in a way that almost got us killed and secondly, we had a lot of fun as a family. When I went to go pick up the little guy after work, the rains had already begun picking up.Continue reading “Party in the dark”

Things I learned from my son – happy feet

Sometimes, my son will do something so innocuous and full of joy that I can’t help but stare at him and realize what a profound statement he has just made to me without even knowing it. Our little monkey LOVES to be barefoot. When we’re riding in the car, give it just a few minutesContinue reading “Things I learned from my son – happy feet”

A very late post about a first Mother’s Day

I must definitely be slipping in my old age, as it just dawned on me that I never jotted down a few notes from our very first Mother’s Day as parents. I admit that coming up with what to give my wife was difficult. When it comes to the holidays, I always feel like I’mContinue reading “A very late post about a first Mother’s Day”