For the love of Mo!

Storytime has pretty much become ritual in our house. Aside from dinnertime and bath time, it’s the other consistent that’s needed for a complete wrap-up of our day. We started very early reading to the little guy (in utero) and have carried it over practically every night since. In fact, we’re now at a pointContinue reading “For the love of Mo!”

What to Expect…Cartoon Edition

Expect the unexpected sometimes. I was recently contacted by the folks with “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” who had stumbled across this blog and asked me if I would be a guest contributor/blogger for their companion website. I had a great time and certainly hope it’s the first of many. The result is thisContinue reading “What to Expect…Cartoon Edition”

Imagination 101

As years have passed and I’ve moved from high school student to college student, part-time worker to full-time worker, then full-time worker in the news business (which is a 24/7 business), becoming a parent (another 24/7 job), I have found my window of free time shrinking more and more. That has meant less time forContinue reading “Imagination 101”

Snip snap

In the past week, I have gone through more electronics than I do in years. I’m not one of those gadget guys who has to rush out and buy new gizmos, trust me. In fact, before buying my most recent computer this winter, I had been using the same one for roughly ten years orContinue reading “Snip snap”

Screen Fatigue or ‘Thoreau would be spinning in his grave’

Do you ever have to just push out the chair and leave cyberspace behind? Lately I’ve been frequently experiencing something that I can only describe as ‘screen fatigue.’ I lose chunks of time on the computer, sometimes feel as though I’ve got nothing done in that time, and I also start to feel almost physicallyContinue reading “Screen Fatigue or ‘Thoreau would be spinning in his grave’”

No use crying over spilled…juice?

Going out to eat can sometimes be a three-ring circus with a nearly one year old in tow. We especially learned that this last weekend when we tried to do dinner at a restaurant we had gone to a few times in the past with the little one. While he has often been great whileContinue reading “No use crying over spilled…juice?”

Versatile Blogger Award

I received a great message a few weeks back from CJ Nigh of the blog Undead Dad letting me know that he had nominated me for the “Versatile Blogger Award.” I thank CJ very much for that and for finding enough things interesting here to warrant it. One of the things I find myself constantlyContinue reading “Versatile Blogger Award”

Ales of the Revolution

Some may choose to celebrate the Fourth of July with hot dogs and hamburgers, but as I write this, I have just sampled a taste of the American Revolution. For quite a few years, I had been on the hunt for a beer called “Ales of the Revolution” from Yards Brewing Company in Pennsylvania. IContinue reading “Ales of the Revolution”