Time is going by fast.

My wife is giving our son a bath as I write this.

It’s Sunday night, the temperature outside is a reminder that fall’s crisp breeze will be here anytime. Inside the house, the lights are low, there’s no TVs on, and the only sounds throughout our home, other than my tap tap tapping away at the keyboard, is the two of them. She has him in the kitchen sink, with a comfy yellow foam piece especially for baby’s bum underneath him, and he is quietly taking it all in as she cleans him up, singing to him alongside a Celtic Lullaby CD her sister gave us before he was born.

I can hear her voice throughout the house, despite its softness, but what I don’t hear is him. He’s not yelling, he’s not crying, he is simply getting clean and watching and listening to his mother in awe.

It’s quite heartwarming.

It also brought with it that moment in my gut after my brain realizes “I can’t believe you’re going to be a little person someday.” Sure, we’re only a little over eight weeks right now, but where did all THAT time go? I shudder to think how fast the next year and so on will drift by.

A reminder to savor every waking moment we can, for sure.

Hope you all had a great weekend.