Screen Fatigue or ‘Thoreau would be spinning in his grave’

© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationDo you ever have to just push out the chair and leave cyberspace behind?

Lately I’ve been frequently experiencing something that I can only describe as ‘screen fatigue.’ I lose chunks of time on the computer, sometimes feel as though I’ve got nothing done in that time, and I also start to feel almost physically ill.

I need to get away from it. I don’t know exactly how to do that, though in this modern world. Almost my entire day at work is spent in front of a computer. My writing projects (this blog, my comic, most promotion for these projects, etc) are done online.

Sometimes it feels as though you just can’t escape it. I wonder if, maybe more than just days off from work, I should be taking days off from technology as well, return for a few days to a simpler time without being plugged in.

I mean, when I think about it, how many times do I check my Facebook page? Check project pages? Check Twitter, email, this blog? All things I would never have done with such ferocity as I do now that I have a smartphone.

Thoreau would be spinning in his grave.

It makes me question what type of constantly-wired world my son will be growing up in. It’s no wonder no one has attention spans anymore.

Is there anyway to stop this feeling, save for picking up the family and living in a cabin in the woods?

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So many people say they want to be "the cool parents," but I have no such delusions about myself. I'm as nerdy now as I always have been. Only my perspective has changed. I am what I am. I'm the dorky daddy.

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