Separation Anxiety

separation anxiety definitionsep·a·ra·tion anx·i·e·ty


  1. the normal fear and apprehension expressed by infants when removed from their mothers or approached by strangers.
  2. any similar reaction in later life caused by separation from familiar surroundings or close friends or family.

This or something akin to this is likely what you’ll find when you search for the definition of separation anxiety.

When Meg and I had to attend a wedding out of state recently, the little guy stayed with my parents for his first sleepover. It would be the first time he’d be without us overnight and in the days leading up to it, we were constantly worried as to how this was going to go. Would he be grabbing at our legs as we tried to go to the car, grasping for mommy and daddy? Would he not sleep at night because his routine was so off from being with us? Would he be longing to be with mommy and daddy?


When we left my parents’ house, he gave us a quick “bye! Love you!” before swiftly moving on to some toys to play with.

We were having trouble leaving, while he was just living life. We called from the wedding. We checked in. And the entire time he was…fine. At one point, when we called, he told us he really couldn’t talk because he was playing at the moment.

He was completely and utterly fine. We were the ones who were having trouble breaking away.

Why is it that sometimes are kids are better at adjusting than we adults are?

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