Grown-Up Time Outs

I lost my temper this weekend. Our kids were being especially challenging. Refusing to eat any food option for dinner, nearly hitting the baby with their feet/legs from constant rolling around/gymnastics across the living room, and an answer for absolutely everything to counter any suggestion mom and dad may have. At one point, a smallContinue reading “Grown-Up Time Outs”

I’m so excited and I just can’t…eh, not really…

When was the last time you were excited? I mean really, really excited? Not ‘hey, free coffee’ excited, but I mean, through the roof, all-consuming excited? Because I don’t think I really have. It came to my attention through, of all things, hockey. You see, my hometown in just the past few years, has becomeContinue reading “I’m so excited and I just can’t…eh, not really…”