singing in the rainI love rainy days.

Call me crazy, call me weird, but there’s just something about them that just gets me in a completely, ready-to-create type of mood.

It could be the whole subconscious notion that rain means ‘staying indoors’ or maybe it’s just harder to sit down and do something when it’s bright and sunny out.

Give me a good rainy day, though, and I’ll pontificate, I’ll think, I’ll generate ideas and just make a full productive day out of it.

When I was in college there were so many days spent sitting by the window of the cafe, the sound of raindrops tapping against the glass, cup of coffee or tea in hand, just scrawling story after story out onto paper.

I reflect, I self-motivate, I create, I cross things off that to-do list and I just feel good about myself and the world.

Hand me an umbrella, a hat and a trench coat, and who knows, maybe I’ll swing around the lamp post and belt you out a Gene Kelly tune while I’m at it. 🙂