Yes, I locked myself in my backseat

© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationIt was pouring rain yesterday, as in severe storm-type of pouring. So, with his little windbreaker hood over his head, I hurried the little guy out to the car in the morning as we headed out for the day.

With the new car seat in place, especially with my tiny car, it takes a little longer than it used to set him in place, get his arms through the loops, and fasten him into place for our morning commute.

So, as I sat in the backseat, half of me sticking outside, I was getting absolutely drenched and did, in that split-second, what made to me perfect sense – I closed the door. I got him all buckled in, gave him a toy for the ride, and then went to get into the front seat when I came across something quite unexpected.

I was locked in.

I had my keys and remote in my hand, so I tried the ol’ ‘lock it, unlock it’ and when I went to jiggle the handle got absolutely nothing.

I tried calling my wife, but she was getting ready herself in the house and didn’t have her phone with her.

I looked over at the little guy, who laughed and clapped (yes, he’s clapping now, and I’m so glad he found daddy as hilarious as I was) and I just looked at my situation and had to laugh myself.

With my little car and his big car seat, getting to the front seat would not be easy. I tried to climb over, feet-first, but couldn’t due to the size of his car seat. I sat back down while he looked at me curiously and took off my shoes. I tossed them over and into the front seat and, as best I could with the small space I was given, tossed myself, head first into the passenger seat.

From there, I was able to make my way to the driver’s seat, get my shoes on and make our way out of the driveway and on our way.

It was certainly an acrobatic start to our day.

Published by thedorkydaddy

So many people say they want to be "the cool parents," but I have no such delusions about myself. I'm as nerdy now as I always have been. Only my perspective has changed. I am what I am. I'm the dorky daddy.

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