© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationWe were in Lowe’s a little ways back, as my wife picked up some paint to redo our dining room, which she said was much too purple to go with the rest of the house’s more neutral coloring and a bit of a turnoff for any potential buyers when the time eventually comes to sell.

So, while she looked through various colors, I noticed our little guy was chattering away, pointing to the plethora of colors on the chip-wall, or whatever it would be called, in the paint department.

He loves colors. At the time he could only say yellow (pronounced ‘lellow’) but has since added ‘boo’ for blue to the mix. He absolutely loves to look at colors. So, it seemed like a great opportunity at hand.

I grabbed a handful of color chips, primary colors mostly, and as we moved through the aisles, him seated in the cart, we would run through the various colors in our hands. Sure, when it came to him saying them, every color was ‘lellow,’ but I know he recognizes the color. He points to the face on his Bert doll and says ‘lellow’ or to the bristles in his miniature broom and says ‘lellow.’

So, it certainly couldn’t hurt to run through a few, which we did. What I found was that while he may only be saying ”lellow,’ he recognizes so many more colors than I ever realized. I’d ask about red, he’d point to red, blue, his finger goes to the blue chip. And so on and so forth.

I had no idea a Lowe’s trip could be so educational, entertaining and colorful.