Now the story of a street named Sesame, and the one magician…

Now that fatherhood has me watching more Sesame Street than ever before, I occasionally come across unexpected moments like this. Fellow “Arrested Development” fans might have been as surprised as I was to see Will Arnett pop up in an episode as Max the Magician, essentially just playing Gob Bluth, complete with a Sesame-type versionContinue reading “Now the story of a street named Sesame, and the one magician…”

Woot Woot!

I have an obsession with the website, shirt.woot For those of you not in the know, shirt.woot is a website that allows artists to submit designs for a t-shirt, and web users vote on their favorites. Each week tends to revolve around a different theme, although you’ll find the occasional random design. The winning entriesContinue reading “Woot Woot!”