For the birds

I really hate letting things go to waste. Yes, that statement is at odds with my aversion to clutter and desire for less, but in this particular case, I’m thinking about food. It never fails that when garbage night rolls around each week, we find ourselves with some slices of bread that’s starting to go,Continue reading “For the birds”

No use crying over spilled…juice?

Going out to eat can sometimes be a three-ring circus with a nearly one year old in tow. We especially learned that this last weekend when we tried to do dinner at a restaurant we had gone to a few times in the past with the little one. While he has often been great whileContinue reading “No use crying over spilled…juice?”

Bringing up Bébé

I just finished Pamela Druckerman’s book, “Bringing Up Bébé.” .She’s an American journalist who moved to France with her husband where they gave birth to a daughter and two twin boys and quickly learned about the vast differences in culture, parenthood, and child rearing in France versus in America. Druckerman covers a wide variety ofContinue reading “Bringing up Bébé”