What I’m Reading: Some magical quotes from “Magical Child”

I’m still reading Joseph Chilton Pearce’s “Magical Child.” Rather than bore anyone with my attempts at a book review, I thought I’d share a slew of quotes and notes I found interesting amid the next few chapters. Chapter 2 – Matrix Shift: Known to Unknown “The womb offers three things to a newly forming life:Continue reading “What I’m Reading: Some magical quotes from “Magical Child””

What I’m Reading: Magical Child – Chapter 1

I have currently begun reading the book “Magical Child” by Joseph Chilton Pearce. A quick web search of background on Pearce turns up his belief that active, imaginative play is the most important of all childhood activities because it cultivates mastery of one’s environment, which he terms “creative competence”. Children denied that form of playContinue reading “What I’m Reading: Magical Child – Chapter 1”