How Dracula Gets His Groove Back

Yes, every now and then I will do a shameless plug on this blog for other projects. Be warned, this is one.

DRAC GROOVE COVERThe latest issue of Holidaze, the comic book series I write about the adult lives of holiday icons at their favorite bar, hits digital newstands today.

I’m very proud of it and have no doubt saying it’s our best issue yet. We all know Dracula and his many changing faces and styles over the years,  but any time we’re a slave to trends and fashion, we quickly become outdated. That’s where this latest issue picks up Dracula’s story. Still thinking he’s the creepiest creature on two legs, Drac’ has a date with a waitress go horribly awry. When he can’t bite her and can’t even scare her, he starts to wonder just what has gone wrong that his image has become so ineffectual.

So, at the behest of his friends at the bar, he goes into therapy with noted Therapist, The Headless Horseman (all I can picture is Kelsey Grammer’s voice) to figure out just what happened to Dracula’s creature of the night image.

We really had a lot of fun making it. It’s a fun romp. At only $1.99 for a full 24 page digital comic book, I hope you’ll check it out.

Holidaze – “How Dracula Got His Groove Back” is available on the web, on iTunes (for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch), Kindle Fire, Nook, or any Tablet using the Kindle or Nook apps.

I hope you like it and a very Happy Halloween to you all!

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