Every now and then I get a new book to try out at storytime via the Independent Book Publishers Association. Storytime always proves to be the best litmus test, as opposed to me just reading a book and telling you what I thought.

Honestly, who cares what I think if the book is for kids. Let’s see what the little guy thinks.

So, with that in mind, the other night we read “Nap-A-Roo” by Kristy Kurjan and Illustrated by Tyler Parker. A board book from KPO Creative LLC, it’s the quick tale of a Kangaroo in a zoo in Timbuktu who is ready to take a nap-a-roo.

Sensing a pattern yet?

That’s right. It’s my favorite type of book to read at bedtime. One with rhymes. And boy does our little guy love rhyming. There’s times in the car, or when he’s sitting on the potty that all he wants to do is rhyme, shouting out a word (“cat!” “bat!” “rat!”) and waiting for me to chime in with words that rhyme.

It causes fits of giggles, and needless to say, so did the cute rhymes of “Nap-A-Roo.”

In fact, by the time we got to page 3 and the word “Timbuktu” he was giggling, rhyming and having a wonderful time., even anticipating some of the rhyming words to come. I was able to pause at the end of one page and he instantly knew, based on the rhyming pattern, what word was coming.

A quick, brisk read, it really was a lot of fun. Coupled with adorable illustrations by Parker, I think this is one we’re going to be pulling out again and again.

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2 thoughts on “Nap-A-Roo

  1. It makes me so happy that you took the time to read Nap-a-Roo board book o your little guy! It is such a fun book and I’m glad he enjoyed it!!! Sending our best – Kristy

    1. Find the book online on, Barnes & Noble,, and

      Ask for it at your local library or find it at many local and independent store including:

      Sweet Pea Baby Boutique: Traverse City, MI
      Horizon Book Stores: Traverse City, MI
      The Potting Shed: Chelsea, MI
      The Little Seedling: Ann Arbor, MI
      Tumbleweeds: The Grand Traverse Resort, Acme, MI
      Hop Scotch Children’s Boutique: Grand Rapids, MI
      The Bookstore: Frankfort, MI
      The Princess & The Pirate and Fido Too: Suttons Bay, MI
      Toy Harbor: Traverse City, MI
      Bright Blooms KinderPlay: Traverse City, MI Austin, TX

      For immediate download in ebook format it is available on: (Kindle)

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