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Okay, so this is not so wordless this time. It requires backstory.

We were watching Sesame Street on Netflix recently and had to pause it for bath time. I suddenly noticed the odd moment at which we happened to pause, and started laughing at the moment it paused.

My theory – Leela finally got sick of living on a street with Monsters and Muppets popping out of garbage cans, yelling at her, and eating all her cookies. The girl just finally lost it. We all have a breaking point.

"I am sick of living on a street with monsters popping out of garbage cans and eating all my cookies!"

“I am sick of living on a street with monsters that pop out of garbage cans or eat all my cookies!”

Little Antiquer

I’m glad to see that, much like his parents, he’s got a healthy appreciation for the past.

photo(1)As of now we’re HERE…………………………………before you know it, we’ll be HERE

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